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Industrial & Residential Complexes

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Residential District

Residential District

The development of the residential district is occurring in parallel with the Industrial District.
Site development and zoning is aiming to be completed between 2014~2018, and construction of apartments, schools, and commercial properties to follow.
FOODPOLIS is also planning for entertainment facilities and a theme park that will feature Korean foods and traditional foods from countries around the world.
  1. 1. Housing Zone

    - Main Facilities: Foreigner’s residence, Town house, Hanok village and apartments with priority for FOODPOLIS employees, etc.

  2. 2. Food Commercial Zone

    - Main Facilities: Convention Center, Business Area, Korean food street, Global food street, etc.

  3. 3. Universities & Educational Facilities

    - Main Facilities: Elementary School, Middle school, High school, International school, other educational institutes specializing in food, etc.

  4. 4. Food & Culture Complex Zone

    - Main Facilities: Food Exhibition & Taste Center, Food Museum, etc.

  5. 5. Food Theme Park Zone

    - Main Facilities: Global Food Theme Park, Urban Farm, Outdoor Festival Arena, etc.

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