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Industrial & Residential Complexes

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Industrial Complex

Industrial District

The site development, property sales, and construction of industrial facilities are currently in progress.
The goal is to have the facilities operational within the 2016 calendar year.
  1. 1. Enterprise Support Facilities Zone

    - Main Facilities: 3 R&D centers, rental plants, pilot plants, Agency for Korea National Food Cluster

  2. 2. Private Research Zone

    - Main Facilities: 10 food research institutes

  3. 3. Strategic Food Zone

    - Main Facilities: Functional foods, biofood, fermented food, natural food additives and more.

  4. 4. Foreign Investment Zone
  5. 5. Logistics & Distribution Zone
  6. 6. General Food Zone
  7. 7. Waste Treatment Facilities
Foreign Investment Zone, Logistics & Distribution Zone, Strategic Food Zone, Enterprise Support Facilities Zone, Private Research Zone, General Food Zone, Waste Treatment Facilities